Things Salespeople should do after they LOSE the sale!

Every salesperson knows what to do after they WIN the sale (celebrate!), but almost none of them know what to do after they LOSE the sale!

This collection of one dozen ideas provides salespeople, customer service representatives, media sales reps, independent product dealers, and sales professionals in every industry the opportunity to strategically position themselves with the prospect to win the next sale, even after they’ve been told “NO” on a previous proposal.

Stop taking it so personally!
Most salespeople get angry or feel bitter at the customer and don’t want to deal with them in the future. Some salespeople assume they’ve lost face with the prospect and feel ashamed to call on them again. It’s all in your head!

  • Find out why NO means “what’s next?”
  • Learn how to get lost prospects to publicly recommend you to others!
  • And one idea inside could earn you new champions within the company.

Inspired by a real-world interaction with a salesperson who had a shot at the “next” project (even though they’d lost to a competitor on the original opportunity) — but may have taken themselves out of the game! This is your chance to learn from the mistakes of others, and set yourself apart from 99% of the other salespeople you’re competing against.

Five Buck Brainstorm

Things Salespeople should do after they LOSE the sale

This new Five Buck Brainstorm includes ideas for helping professional salespeople strengthen rapport with prospects and clients who have decide to go with a competitor (hey, it happens!)

Here is how you can use that lost sale to set the stage for future opportunities and future business. I hope you’ll give a few of these ideas a try.

What have you got to lose?
You already lost the sale.

Here are a dozen ideas for what sales professionals can do when they LOSE a sale…

  1. Meet and review
    See if you can meet and review their choice before they make final commitment with your competitor. It’s a chance to make sure they got everything they wanted and didn’t settle for less than the items you included in your proposal based on their needs.
  2. Did the specs change?
    Check to to see if the project specs changed since you originally submitted your proposal, especially if it’s to a degree where an updated proposal from your company might be the fair thing to do. My goal as a salesperson was always to stack the deck in my favor. If I could ask questions that better defined the goals and project options for the customer, I could frequently submit a proposal that stood out from any competitor.
  3. Thank them
    Let the prospect know you really appreciated the call or email (whether they initiated it or responded to your follow-up) to let them know the status of the proposal. Many times a salesperson will simply never hear from a prospect again. The fact they gave you feedback means there is potential for further and ongoing communication.
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