Places You Can Sell Your Ideas

If ideas are a dime-a-dozen: Where can I find lots of people with lots of dimes?

The only question I get asked more than “how do I come up with more ideas?” is “where can I sell my ideas?” — and these two questions couldn’t be further apart.

The answer to the first questions is all about efforts and exercises to produce creative concepts in large quantities, whereas the most successful and profitable answer to the second question is more about access, influence, and creating solutions to very specific problems.

For the first time ever, I’ve assembled a collection of some favorite resources for showcasing and selling your creativity, and finding problems for you to solve (at a profit!)

The typical Five Buck Brainstorm includes at least 12 ideas, but this one has TWENTY!

Some of these resources may be new to you, some may be familiar, but all hold potential for you to profit from your ability to put creative and innovative ideas into action and into a marketplace of people willing to trade you some dimes (lots and lots of them!) for your best ideas.

Let’s get started…

Five Buck Brainstorm

20 Ideas for Places You Can Sell Your Ideas

1. BumpSale
When someone asks me about selling ideas, I tell them to start simple. Go make a buck off one of your ideas today, and then go out tomorrow and make two dollars. Keep increasing the profit you make by just one dollar everyday for a year, and at the end of the year you will have generated $66,673.00 ($67,039.00 if it’s a Leap Year!).Entrepreneur and fellow idea guy, Jason Zook, rode this business model like a pro when he launched He wore and socially amplified the promotion of a different brand’s t-shirt every single day of the year. The business model charged just one dollar to do this on January 1st, but if a company waited too long to reserve a campaign date they’d likely end up paying $365 on December 31st.

The model proved so popular that Jason created a website which automated the process to allow others to use this same pricing structure. allows you to set a start price and raise it by a preset amount with every subsequent purchase. Check it out a or get it and a ton of other stuff as part of Jason’s BuyMyFuture project.

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