Resources To Help You Develop And Sell Your Ideas

You’ve got an idea in your head, but how to bring it into the real world?

The only question I get asked more than “how do I come up with more ideas?” is “where can I sell my ideas?” — and the one that immediately follows is “how can I get this idea produced or manufactured?”

These three questions are inextricably linked to each other, and if you can answer all three, you may be on the road to success.

Over the years I have amassed hundreds of resources for producing whatever type of idea I may have need of in the future. In a possibly insane act of transparency, I’m giving you full access to my treasured “short list” of preferred on-demand suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers who (until now) have only been shared with my established consulting clients.

This inexpensive five dollar investment could easily net you thousands of dollars in profits from developing your own ideas and turning them into physical or digital products produced by the companies featured in this brainstorm list.

The typical Five Buck Brainstorm includes at least 12 ideas, but this one has more than FIFTEEN!

Some of these resources may be new to you, some may be familiar, but all hold potential for you to profit from your ability to put creative and innovative ideas into action and present them to a marketplace of people hungry for your unique brilliance.

Let’s get started…

Five Buck Brainstorm

On-Demand Products and Resources

  1. Scout
    A new service that makes postcard marketing simple and economical.
    Plenty of services will print custom postcards for you, but you can also use Scout to distribute them. The process is simple, you upload your mailing list and design — and Scout charges you $1 per card sent to each address.
  2. Printful
    These guys are one of my latest favorites. They are the fulfillment and production company behind the website (check ‘em out if you didn’t know about them before now!) This company will do framed posters, embroidered items, t-shirts, printed canvas, mugs, leggings, and a lot more.
  3. MailerLite / Auto-Responder
    MailerLite is an email service similar to MailChimp. Like MailChimp MailerLite has a free level and paid user levels, but the reason MailerLite made this list and MailChimp didn’t is that MailerLite allows free users access to their Auto-Responder features. Auto-Responder allow you to pre-program a series of emails to be delivered to people who sign-up for a mailing list. Their use not only allows you to send reminders to list members regarding your services and stuff you have for sale, it also allows you to create email mini-courses, a series of tips in your area of expertise, even a timed-delivery of chapters of a book. Auto-Responders offer tons of profitable possibilities! Sign-up at MailerLite (for free!) today.


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    I wish you true success in executing your ideas, and hope you’ll contact me if I can be of further assistance in helping you put these ideas into action.
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