Ideas For Finding Your Passion

The suggestion for this Five Buck Brainstorm was submitted by Mike Rudd, Hot Dog Extraordinaire

“Everyone has a hot dog stand inside of them, something that will make them work harder and happier than they ever imagined. It’s easy for someone who already has that job or career though than those searching for something they love.

What are some ideas you have to help people find their hot dog stand that they can do on an afternoon search?”

~ Mike Rudd,
Author of “Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and a Lot of Fun”

That’s quite an ask, Mike!
Everyone from kings and queens to beggars and thieves have been trying to find that undefinable thing that will allow them to be more happy and feel fulfilled. Something that will help them find their unique place in the universe.

I’m no sage philosopher, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Let’s get started…

Five Buck Brainstorm

13 Ideas For Finding Your Passion

Here is a list of strategies I have brainstormed to help individuals find their true passion in life…

  1. What would you do for free?
    The easiest place to start is to think about what kind of work you’d do for free. Even if you couldn’t collect a paycheck, what job would you like to be working?
  2. What would you PAY to do?
    You’ve established what job you’d do for NO pay, but now consider what kind of work you’d be willing to PAY someone else for a chance to do yourself. What experience would you shell out your own hard-earned bucks to participate in?
  3. What did you want to do when you were a kid?
    We always wanted the most exciting professions when we were younger: firemen, policemen, explorer (maybe even super-hero.) To my best recollection, no one I ever knew as a kid said they wanted to be an accountant or middle-manager. Go back to playing pretend and bring your earlier imagined roles into reality.


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