All The Ideas.

How would you like ongoing access to every idea that I ever publish on for one price… FOREVER?

At least once every week I will add a new brainstorm to this website containing at least one dozen ideas from a variety of topics ranging from ideas to try in your Advertising to creative ways to use to connect with your audience (A to Z… get it?) Oh, and you can always suggest your own topic for me to brainstorm on.

Each of these brainstorms will be sold on the website for on-demand Pay-Per-View access at an a la carte price of $5.00 each (I mean, that’s why I named the site the way I did!) This means the value of the website increases exponentially, and that’s not even counting the fact that I will continue to add ideas to already published brainstorms so they they continue to stay updated and full of insight (of them has 30 ideas in it …so far!)

On-Demand Access is one way to view the content.
You pay a flat fee and get access for a limited time. Right now that access last 5-days (but in a month or two it will be reduced to 1-day).

Monthly subscriptions are another way to access this content.
You can pay a flat recurring monthly rate and have ongoing access to all the content on the site, but if you cancel your subscription you access is gone. You can always sign-up again, but you’ll have to pay the prevailing rates at that time. Right now a Monthly subscription only costs $5.00 (but it will soon increase to $15.00 per month).

But what if you could pay just ONCE and have access to all the ideas that are ever posted on this website forever?

I’m using a utility called Bumpsale to offer this access to you right now for the price displayed on the purchase button. With every sale the price will increase by $5.00.

This means if you buy right now, you’ll get it for the price displayed. If someone buys it before you click the button, the price will increase by $5.00 and that’s the price you’ll now have to pay for access.

Obviously the incentive here is to buy it sooner so you can get all this access to all these ideas for less money than the person who decides to wait a little longer and buy it after you.

What are you waiting for?

Click the button now, complete your purchase, and you’ll receive instructions on how to upgrade your account to receive access to the content for as long as the internet shall live!

Have any questions? Just shoot me an email – I will try to respond as quickly as possible so the price doesn’t go up too high before you get an answer. 😉